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Pets Australia Directory - Category: Dog Behaviour Specialist

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A Better Companion Dog Training

“A Better Companion Dog Training by Sarah Crum offers tailored training programs for families, focusing on clear communication and respect.”

Noble Canine Training

Noble Canine Training in Cayuga, Ontario offers personalised dog training programs for all ages and breeds, focusing on building strong foundations.

Dream Dog K9 Academy LLC

Dream Dog K9 Academy in Boulder, CO, founded by Jack and Alex Youngfox, offers expert dog training for all ages.

Beautiful Beasts Dog Training & Behaviour Modif...

Beautiful Beasts Dog Training & Behaviour Modification, led by expert Stian Berg, offers premier services for dog training and behavior modification.

Well Mannered Mutt

Well Mannered Mutt, led by Anya, offers expert dog training in Fairfield County with remote learning options and a compassionate approach.

The Centre for Canine Education Inc.

The Centre for Canine Education Inc. in Oakville, Ontario, offers positive reinforcement training for dogs, focusing on science-based techniques.

In Good Paws Dog Training

In Good Paws Dog Training in Colorado offers positive, science-based training for dogs of all ages, prioritizing well-being and happiness.

Janice Z Dog Training

Janice Z Dog Training in Windham County, Vermont offers premier in-person and online training services, focusing on common behavior problems.

New Jersey Dog Pack

New Jersey Dog Pack in Central New Jersey offers expert dog psychology and behavior services, promoting natural dog raising for balanced relationships.

Dogs With Attitude

“Dogs With Attitude offers expert dog training for puppies and adult dogs, focusing on building strong bonds and addressing behavioral issues.”

Your Dog Coach

Your Dog Coach in Brisbane offers personalised dog training by experienced trainers, specializing in behavioral issues for all breeds.

Jari Castle Dog Training

Jari Castle Dog Training excels in behaviour modification for dogs, offering expert training services with a focus on positive reinforcement methods.

Future Focus Canines

Future Focus Canines in Gloucester, Bristol, and Somerset offers professional dog training and behavior support with a focus on positive reinforcement.

Wolfpack Dog Training

Wolfpack Dog Training offers personalized, professional coaching services by a Certified Canine Behaviour Specialist, focusing on building strong owner-dog bonds.

Buck's Dog Training Of Princeton

Buck’s Dog Training Of Princeton in New Jersey offers expert dog behaviour training, boarding, and holistic programs for lasting results.

Millie's Dogs

Millie’s Dogs in Mayen Koblenz offers holistic dog training services by expert Lara, focusing on harmonious human-canine relationships with tailored solutions.

Dogs 4 Life

“Dogs 4 Life, led by Canine Behaviourist Nick Wilson, offers behaviour modification, puppy training, and obedience sessions in New Plymouth.”

Clever Creatures

Clever Creatures in Perth offers expert dog training classes by Sarah McMullen, focusing on positive reinforcement and personalized sessions.

Kathys Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting

Kathy’s Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting, led by experienced consultant Kathy, offers expert solutions for dog behaviour issues with compassion.

The Complete Pet Company

The Complete Pet Company, founded by Jenny Golsby and Graham Fels, is a trusted Australian business promoting pet health naturally.