Rodents as Pets

Rodents as Pets

Agouti Rats


Agouti rats are an interesting variety of rat which look just like your wild rats but in fact, are different. At first look, its coat appears to be similar to a wild rat and as a result, Agouti rats have been quite hard to identify, especially for inexper

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Baby Pet Mice


Baby pet mice are often referred to as kittens or puppies (or pups). Extremely cute, baby pet mice are a big responsibility for the owner and require a lot of care in terms of the environment they live in. If you have a pair of pet mice (male and female),

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Baby Rats


Baby rats, also known as kittens, pups or puppies, are one of the most adorable creatures that you can have as pets. However, they are not so easy to care for as baby rats require a lot of attention & assistance, especially if they are without a mothe

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Capped Rats


Capped Rats are a variety of rats that are quite popular among hobbyists and breeders alike. With a distinct marking on their faces only, capped rats are quite common in rat shows as you will notice if you?re a regular to one. The best part of owning capp

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Fancy Mice


Fancy Mice are the most popular variety of mice that are available today to maintain as pets. Unlike the normal mice, Fancy mice are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and this makes them quite fascinating. Although there are many differe

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Fancy Rats


Fancy rats are unlike your normal rats that you see in pet stores and with breeders. However, the fancy rat is the most popular type of rat that is kept as a pet. There are a number of characteristics that differentiate a fancy rat from a regular wild rat

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Guinea Pigs


A guinea pig is not a pig at all, just like a koala bear, is not a bear. A guinea pig is a rodent like a mouse, rat, beaver, porcupine or hamster. Many years ago guinea pigs only lived in south America. The local people used them for food, yes they ate th

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Hairless Rats


Hairless rats are a particular breed of rat which do not have hair or a coat on their body. Also known as Sphinx Rats, these hairless rats are genetically nude and therefore, have nothing unnatural about them. Today, hairless rats are extremely popular am

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(Sorry, not available in Australia - Try a guinea pig instead) Hamsters(Most often you will find Syrian Hamsters in your local pet shop) like most rodents are relatively short lived averaging 2-3 years life spans. Adults will grow to around 12cm in length


Hooded Rats


Hooded Rats are a distinct breed of marked rats that are immensely popular due to their unique markings. A number of breeders and owners have been known to possess this adorable breed of rat that looks like no other. Hooded rats are quite distinct in that

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Irish Rats as Pets


Irish Pet Rats are similar in appearance to the moon bear rats when viewing the markings that they carry on their bodies with some slight differences. The moon bear rat that has a

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Masked Rats


Masked rats are a wonderful variation to the normal rat and are a part of the family called fancy rats. They are incredible creatures that have a distinct marking on their face which gives them the appearance of wearing a mask(thus their name), which diff

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Myxomatosis – A death sentence for Domestic Bunnies in Australia


Here a story about Myxomatosis and how it affects pet bunnies and their owners all over Australia: We live in the Perth Hills on a 2 1/2 acre property with our beloved and spoilt animals - 3 horses - 3 dogs - 3 cats and we had 8 pet bunnies. The bunnies w

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Pet Mice Care


Pet mice care is a hobby for those looking for something that is easy and yet, fun. Pet mice care is often deemed unhygienic or unsuitable mainly due to the perception of mice that people hold. However, it is extremely unlike anything like that. A little

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Pet Mice Health


Pet mice health is of prime importance especially if you are trying to become a breeder but even if you are just keeping one, there is a great chance that even the slightest amount of negligence can lead to poor quality pet mice health. Mice are quite str

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Pet Mice Safety


Pet mice safety is an underestimated and often overlooked issue that comes forth when dealing with pet mice. Whether in their cages or out in the open, there are a large number of issues that could affect pet mice safety at various levels. Since most of t

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Pet Mice Varieties


Pet mice varieties have, for years, fascinated breeders, collectors and hobbyists alike. Over the years, pet rat selective breeding has given birth to a number of pet mice varieties while helping sustain existing breeds. With a wide number of pet mice var

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Pet Rat Body Type


Pet rat body types are a small but distinct classification of pet rats. Despite being a very minute differentiating factor for pet rats, the pet rat body type is a significant factor mainly because of the influence the body shape has on the appearance of

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Pet Rat Cages


Pet rat cages are the standard type of housing that is available for pet rats. While there isn't much in terms of choice of interiors, pet rat cages come in a number of shapes and sizes and of course, the material from which they are made. To the right pe

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Pet Rat Care


Pet rat care is a wonderful hobby for those looking for a manageable pet. However, just because they are small creatures, it should not be assumed that pet rat care is easy. As with care for any other pet, pet rat care also requires a bit of learning and

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Pet Rat Coat Types


Pet rat coat types are an interesting way of distinguishing between pet rats varieties. Although it requires you to pick each rat up to see what pet rat coat type they have, there are distinct behavioural patterns that depend on the type of rat it is. Alt

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