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American Goldfinch


The American Goldfinch is a widespread finch that is native to North America, specifically the United States and Canada. It is most popular in Arkansas, California, North Carolina and South Carolina, along with the Canadian regions of British Columbia and

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Lady Gouldian Finch


The Gouldian Finch,Chloebia gouldiae, also known as the Lady Gouldian Finch or Gould's Finch, is native to Australia. While it can be bred captively, is found in pet stores, and is also kept as a pet, it is considered endangered in its native habitat.Both

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Society Finch (Bengalese Finch)


The Society Finch, also know as the Bengalese, has a shrouded history; its basic identity, its scientific classification, is the subject of debate. Its relation to other mannikins, including the Spice Finches and the various Asian and Indonesian munia spe

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Zebra Finch


If you are new to the world of birds and would like to adopt your first feathered friend, the Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)is a good bet. While they hail from the grasslands of Australia, they are extremely popular pets around the world because they a

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