Detailed Information

The Centre for Canine Education Inc., formerly known as Whatta Pup! and The Toronto Centre for Canine Education, is a renowned establishment dedicated to helping dog-guardians overcome challenges in training and behavior modification. Led by the experienced and compassionate Caryn, the center focuses on positive reinforcement methods to transform the relationship between dogs and their owners. With a strong emphasis on science-based training techniques, the center offers a range of services including private training sessions, robust courses for puppyhood, adolescence, leash-reactive dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety.

At The Centre for Canine Education Inc., the team believes in setting dogs up for success by creating a supportive learning environment. By avoiding punitive measures and aversive tools, such as shock collars or physical punishment, the center prioritizes the well-being and emotional health of the dogs. Caryn, who is highly recommended by veterinarians and pet professionals, injects humor and compassion into her work, aiming to inspire pet guardians to communicate with their furry companions through understanding and empathy. The center’s transition to an online membership model in 2020 has allowed them to reach dog guardians worldwide, providing daily support and valuable resources.

Located in Oakville, Ontario, The Centre for Canine Education Inc. is a hub for dog lovers seeking to enhance their bond with their canine companions. Whether you have a new puppy, a rescue dog with a mysterious past, or an adult dog in need of behavioral adjustments, the center offers a welcoming community of like-minded individuals navigating similar challenges. Through Liefdog’s humane and effective training methods, dog-guardians can transform feelings of overwhelm and frustration into clarity, support, and confidence in managing their dog’s behavior, ultimately fostering a harmonious and enjoyable relationship with their beloved pets.