Detailed Information

Kathy’s Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting is a renowned business led by Kathy, a highly experienced and respected dog behaviour consultant with over 25 years of expertise. Specializing in addressing a wide range of behaviour issues in dogs, Kathy has successfully worked with hundreds of dogs of varying breeds, helping them overcome challenges such as inappropriate jumping, barking, nipping, separation anxiety, and aggression towards other dogs and people. Kathy’s approach is characterized by her friendly and compassionate demeanor, treating both dogs and their owners with dignity and respect.

With a deep understanding of the bond between dogs and their owners, Kathy aims to help foster harmonious relationships through her common-sense approach to dog training and behaviour modification. She is known for her effective use of positive reinforcement methods, avoiding harsh techniques or tools that may harm the dog’s spirit. Kathy’s expertise has been recognized by the media, with frequent appearances on Channel 9 news and the publication of books and online courses that are sought after by dog lovers worldwide.

As a passionate advocate for improving the lives of dogs and their owners, Kathy goes beyond traditional training methods by offering specialized programs such as Reactive Rover® classes for dog-reactive or aggressive dogs. Her commitment to ongoing education and community involvement is evident through her participation in workshops, seminars, and charitable initiatives aimed at promoting responsible dog ownership. For dog owners seeking expert guidance and support in addressing behavioural issues, Kathy’s Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting stands out as a trusted and reputable resource.