Though the Abyssinian is an ancient breed of cat, its exact origins are largely unknown. It is thought that the earliest Abyssinians were introduced into the west from Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia) in the late nineteenth century. These cats were most like

The most popular breed of cat in the United States is the American Shorthair, as both its appearance and temperament contribute to it being a wonderful family pet. This feline breed is thought to have ties to British domestic cats, which accompanied Ameri

The Balinese cat is a domestic feline known for its long fur and Siamese colouring. People first took note of this type of cat in the 1920s, when a Siamese kitten was sometimes, though rarely, born with a long coat. It was not until several decades later

If you’re after a touch of the exotic around the house, there’s none quite so suited as the Bengal. This is one cat that will be sure to make an impression. Originating in America, the Bengal (felis catus) has only been around since the 1960s

The Birman Cat is known for its distinctive appearance, which is characterised by a fluffy angora coat and dark grey highlights on the head and limbs. It is not the same as the Burmese cat, despite the similar names. The Birman Breed may have originated i

The Bombay cat not only looks gorgeous. She is intelligent, affectionate and loyal, and can become a wonderful companion and valued member of any family. There are actually two types of cats named Bombay. One is the Self Black version of the Asian group o

For a big cat, with a big, loving personality, look no further than the British Shorthair. The British Shorthair cat is thought to date back hundreds of years. And while the name would suggest otherwise, they were originally not native to Britain, but bro

For hundreds of years, Burmese cats lived solely in the southeast Asian country of Burma. They did not gain popularity or recognition until the 1800s and 1900s when they were taken to Britain and the United States.

The origin of the Chartreux Cat is not really clear. One story is that they were brought from South Africa by the Cathusian monks who made Chartreuse liqueur, and this is how they came by their name.

Cornish Rexes are a breed of cat that is known for having extremely low-allergy fur. This is because their coat comprises only a soft down, rather than the multiple different hair types making up the coat of most cats. Cornish Rexes are a relatively new b

If you’re after a cute and very distinctive cat, look no further than the Devon Rex. This is one cat that knows how to make a statement. The Devon Rex Cat is a relatively recent breed of cat, originating in the second half of the twentieth century. Its na

The Havana Brown Cat resulted from persistent efforts to develop a completely brown cat breed. In the early 1950s in Britain, a cross between a seal point Siamese and a black domestic shorthaired cat with Siamese heritage led to the foundation stock for t

The Himalayan Cat is a popular and well-loved domesticated feline. Its name is derived from the Himalayan rabbit and mouse, which have similar colouring. This breed first made an appearance in the 1930s when Dr. Clyde Keller of Harvard Medical School and

The Japanese Bobtail has been a favourite cat of Japan for centuries, and can be seen depicted in ancient art, as well as the ceramic ‘maneki-neko’ -beckoning cat -with one raised paw.

The Javanese Breed was developed by crossbreeding a Siamese with a ColorPoint shorthair and Balinese cats. They were not given distinct breed status until 1979 prior to that the considered a Balinese crossbred. They are not a native of Java, in fact they

The Korat is an ancient breed of cat that has its origins in Thailand. References to the Korat can be traced back some 700 years, although the breed itself may be older than that. The Korat’s name is drawn from its origins in the Thai province of Korat. I

Maine Coons get their name from the state of Maine in the US, as they are considered to be the official State cat of that region.

For a cat to be a true Manx, its ancestry must be able to be traced back to the Isle of Man off the western coast of England, as it appears this is where they originated.