Cat Health

Cat Health

Arthritis in Cats


his causes inflammation of the joints. There are two forms of arthritis that may affect cats - osteoarthritis and traumatic arthritis.

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Cat Wounds


space blanket or large sheet of plastic 'bubble wrap' to maintain body temperature in cases of shock and hypothermia squares of clean cotton material

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Cat’s Hearing and Ears


A cat��s excellent hearing is the ��Yang�� that goes with their superior ��Ying�� of night vision. Not only are their ears more sensitive they are mobile with a cat able to move their ears through 180� to face them towards any detected sound. This enables the cat to pinpoint the position of their prey, in both direction and distance.

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Diabetes mellitus sugar diabetes


In this hormonal condition, the cat is unable to control his blood-sugar levels.

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Diarrhea in Cats


Like vomiting, diarrhoea is a symptom of an underlying condition and is not an illness in itself.

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Ear Canker otitis in Cats


An inflammation of the skin lining the ear, otitis is one of the most common conditions in cats, and may occur in one or both ears.

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Ear Flap Wounds in Cats


These are scratches or tears to the ear flaps pinnas.

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