Detailed Information

Well Mannered Mutt, founded by Anya, is a reputable dog training business serving Fairfield County and offering remote learning options. Anya is a certified CPDT dog trainer with extensive experience in rehabilitating and socializing dogs, specializing in addressing issues such as reactivity, aggression, fear, and shyness. With a background in rescuing and fostering over 200 pitbull-type dogs, Anya has a deep understanding and love for these misunderstood breeds. She has also been actively involved in responding to various animal welfare situations, including busting dog fighting rings, puppy mills, hoarding cases, and natural disasters.

Anya’s expertise extends beyond dog training to include horse and cat behavior, showcasing her versatile skills in handling a wide range of animal behavior issues. Through her dedication to positive relationship-based training methods, Anya aims to help dog owners meet their pets’ needs and rediscover their love for them. Testimonials from satisfied clients attest to the effectiveness of Well Mannered Mutt’s approach in transforming challenging behaviors and fostering harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners.

With a commitment to providing personalized and effective training solutions, Well Mannered Mutt stands out as a trusted partner for dog owners seeking professional guidance in addressing behavioral challenges and enhancing their bond with their furry companions. Whether it’s socialization, aggression, or rehabilitation of rescue dogs, Anya’s wealth of experience and passion for animal welfare make Well Mannered Mutt a go-to destination for those looking to unlock their dog’s full potential and create a loving, well-mannered pet.