Horses inhabit a unique place in the pet spectrum in that they can be companion, hobby animal means of transport our competitor in many ridden horse events – as well is being an excellent source of garden fertiliser!

Owning a horse can be very rewarding, but they are also time-consuming and expensive. Depending on the rainfall and soil fertility each horse needs between 5 to 20 acres of land in order to have sufficient room to roam and grass to feed on. Apart from grass most horses especially sport horses will be fed a variety of grains as part of their daily diet.

Horses are large animals and have large requirements. They come with large food bills, large vet bills(most often your vet will need to do a house call) large care bills and large fencing bills. Of course the many horse owners agree all of this is of course worth every penny for the pleasure they receive in from riding their horse for fun or in competition.

As with dogs there are many different breeds of horse, the most popular being the Arabian, the American Quarter horse, paint horses, miniature horses, the thoroughbred, the Appaloosa, the Morgan horse, the Tennessee walking horse, the Welsh pony and Cobb and the Andalusian.

It is most important to research your horse before considering a purchase. Will the horse be suitable to your level of riding skill? Is the horse could be suitable to your intended use for example are you going to enter your horse in showjumping competitions, perhaps you are only interested in casual trail riding. Is the horse large enough for you or is too large? What is the health history of your desired horse. Is it a wild horse or is it calm? Does it socialise well with other horses or does it prefer its own company in the paddock?

Before buying a horse look at many, speak to many horse owners and always get that inspection prior to purchase.

4-H Horse Program


4-H is a popular organization for young people to learn about leadership, responsibility and other life skills. The four H's in 4-H represent head, heart, hands and health. Each of these areas is developed through educational opportunities like meetings,

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Akhal-Teke Horse


CHARACTERISTICS By western standards the Akhal-Teke is not a perfect specimen.. Standing at about 1.57 m (15.2 hh), it is often long-backed with a tendency to be split-up behind, lacking the substantial second thigh so prized by western riders. The rib ca

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Albanian Horse


The Albanian Horse is a small breed of horse that finds its origins on the Balkan Peninsula. The Albanian breed is also part of what is called the Balkan group of horses; the small horses of Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey.

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Alter Real Horse


The Alter-Real horse is a beautiful, powerful, athletic horse, developed by Portuguese Royalty in 1747. The "real" part of the name translates from Portuguese to English as "royalty." These horses are truly fit for a king in both appearance and action.

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American Creme Draft Horse


The American Creme horse can trace its roots back to one ancestor. It is an all American breed like the Quarter Horse, though it is a very young breed by genetic standards. This horse has gone by different names during this short period of time to include

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American Mustang


The iconic symbol of the American West is the free-ranging Mustang horse. Found on the public lands of many of the western United States, these animals have captured the hearts of horse lovers everywhere. They are hardy, strong, free and wild in spirit. T

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American Quarter Horse


The American Quarter horse is a Colonial breed that has been in existence for several centuries, first making an appearance in the early 1600s. Early settlers of the United States bred their horses of British

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American Saddlebred Horse


One of the most dazzling horses in the world is the American Saddlebred. The iconic imagery of the American Saddlebred is its high head carriage, high knee action and high tail carriage followed by a flowing stream of hair. This horse is true product of t

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Anglo-Arabian horse – Anglo Arab


The Anglo Arab horse is not so much a breed of a composite of the two most famous breeds namely the Thoroughbred and the Arab. First developed in the UK after the development there at the Thoroughbred in the 18th century today they are bred in many countr

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Appaloosa Horse


The Appaloosa horse is one of the most ancient horses in history. It can trace its ancestors to prehistoric times, and has been one of the breeds with the most contribution to modern times. They are an extremely versatile animal, and have a very loyal f

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Arabian Horse


Arabian horses are by far one of the most popular and well known horse breeds. They are very ancient, and many of today's horse breeds have Arab bloodlines as part of their foundation. Considered by many to be the most beautiful horse type, Arabians are

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Ardennes Horse


The other name is a heavy horse that was developed at more or less the same time in both France and Belgium. Its prehistoric horse pallbearers are evident in the primitive skilful structure of its head including a squared off nose. The history is long and

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Ariegeois Pony


The Ariegeois mountain pony was developed between Rousillon and Catalonia, sometimes called the Cheval de Merens but is more often referred to as the Ariegeois. The breed takes its name from the Ariege River

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Australian Brumby


Australia's wild horse is known as the Brumby. It is an extremely strong and hardy animal that has managed to survive in harsh conditions for over 150 years. It is found in many areas throughout the country, but the most common ranges include the Australi

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Australian Stock Horse


The first horses brought to Australia were from the South African Cape, and arrived in 1788. Thereafter, more and more were imported, particularly Thoroughbreds and Arabs). These two breeds gave rise to the Waler, which evolved mainly in New South Wales

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Azteca Horse


The Azteca was founded in 1972 specifically for ranch work and cattle drives. The Azteca is a beautiful horse whose recent history encompasses strong bloodlines founded in antiquity. Efforts to breed an equine reminiscent of the horses that were first br

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Ban’ei Racing


Ban'ei racing is a type of pulling race currently practiced in Hokkaido, Japan. Draft horses pull heavy sleds over ramps in a race that tests speed, endurance and strength.

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Barb Horse


The Barb horse is one of the world's oldest breeds, with a history that dates back to 600 A.D., though one theory suggests it may be a survivor of the Ice Age, which ended over 20,000 years ago.

While the Barb horse is certainly its own distinct br

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Barrel Racing


Barrel racing is a traditional western horse sport in which riders race to complete a course around a set of barrels. The horse travels in a clover-leaf pattern in this exciting rodeo event. The sport requires agility of both horse and rider. Barrel racin

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Bashkir Horse


The Bashkir horse is thought to have originated in the Bashkir region of Russia, developing spontaneously over time rather than purposefully bred. Bashkirs are known throughout the world as Bashkirsky, Curlies, or Bashkir Curlies.

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