Reptiles is the name given to a group of air breathing, cold blooded, egg laying animals most often having a covering of scales over their skins. In this article, we will deal only with those types that are kept as pets, being Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises.

Humanity’s fascination with snake dates back to biblical times and emotions remain a mix of awe, fear, curiosity and excitement. It is with a great sense of pride that Australians love to tout the statistic that nine out of the most 10 deadly snakes are n

To those of you looking for a pet where behavioural observation is your main desire, to the right pet for you. They are fairly easy to care for, they are more active and less dangerous than keeping other reptiles such as snakes. They are quiet and don’t r

Australia’s largest Dragon style lizard is the eastern water Dragon – Miles may grow to a metre long though 80 cm of this is tail… Loving water they are found only on Australia’s east coast the rest of Australia being too dry. They are found as far nort

Australia has many different varieties of monitor lizards (in Australia monitor lizards are referred to as goannas). There are many different varieties, pygmy varieties grow no larger than a human hand right up to the large Perentie monitor that can grow

Exotic species of lizards such as the chameleon and are unavailable as pets in Australia, as a Australia has no native species of Chameleon. We do have several varieties of gecko which can be domesticated and raised a special lizard enclosure called a ter

The Australian bearded dragon is perhaps the world’s most popular lizards be kept as a pet. There is good reason to this – they are relatively easy to care for the calm and friendly nature. Natural Historyhome to these lizards is the hot dry deserts

The bluetongue lizard or bluetongue skink is somewhat of an icon in Australia. They commonly thought of as a single species are in fact six species of bluetongue lizard namely the common or Eastern bluetongue lizard, the Northern blue tongued skink, the W