General Cat Information

General Cat Information

Cat Paws and Claws


A cat's claws(five on the front paws, four on the back) - are a cat��s primary hunting weapons. Their design makes them efficient for stalking as well as for the kill. Their paws end in sensitive, hairless pads which, when the cat is walki��ng normally or relaxed, conceal the sheathed or retracted claws. (Fun fact. Only the cheetah of all the cats is unable to retract its claws, trading off silence for speed. They are the fastest of the cats but are virtually unable to climb.)

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Cat’s Teeth – Hunting and tearing teeth


Wild cats and domestic cats allowed to hunt feed by tearing pieces of flesh from their prey and swallowing them whole as cat��s totally lack grinding teeth. The food is not chewed but digested entirely in the stomach. Most prominent among the cat��s 30 teeth (kittens have four fewer) are the four long canines set below the nose and above the chin which are used for killing and holding prey and for tearing the flesh.

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Cats and Travel


There are going to be occasions when you will need to be away from home - for holidays, visiting friends and family, going into hospital, business t

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Feline senses


The nervous and sensory systems of the cat are essential to his health and well-being. Perceptions and reactions to his environment are dependent on h

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The feline body


The feline body is a remarkable feat of natural engineering that has evolved into an animal possessing great beauty, grace and athletic prowess. To ke

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