Pet rat selective breeding is a popular form of breeding followed by a number of breeders who are looking at particular breeds only. Although pet rat selective breeding is a scientific method, there are many positives and negatives to this form of breedin

Pet rat varieties have fascinated us over the years and for many, it has been quite a revelation to find out that there are in fact so many pet rat varieties which we did not probably know of. Differentiation of pet rat varieties has been carried out over

Pet rat body types are a small but distinct classification of pet rats. Despite being a very minute differentiating factor for pet rats, the pet rat body type is a significant factor mainly because of the influence the body shape has on the appearance of

Pet rat cages are the standard type of housing that is available for pet rats. While there isn’t much in terms of choice of interiors, pet rat cages come in a number of shapes and sizes and of course, the material from which they are made. To the right pe

Pet rat care is a wonderful hobby for those looking for a manageable pet. However, just because they are small creatures, it should not be assumed that pet rat care is easy. As with care for any other pet, pet rat care also requires a bit of learning and

Pet rat coat types are an interesting way of distinguishing between pet rats varieties. Although it requires you to pick each rat up to see what pet rat coat type they have, there are distinct behavioural patterns that depend on the type of rat it is. Alt

Pet rat colouring is a major distinguishing feature that allows you to differentiate between various species of rats. Many times, when picking a rat from a pet shop or from a breeder, it is the pet rat colouring that sets the first impression on the custo

Pet rat food, as in the case of human food, needs to be nutritional and healthy. The ideal pet rat food is not just tasty for the rat, but also gives it the vital nutrients and energy that it requires to get through eat day of its life. Rats tend to love

Pet rat health care is extremely important if you are planning on keeping pet rats. Rats are small but sturdy creatures and it is extremely important for them to be in good condition and thus, pet rat health is of utmost importance as these tiny creatures

Pet rat markings have been a unique way of distinguishing between various species of rats over the years. These pet rat markings have been the result of selective breeding as well as nature’s handiwork. Today, many hobbyists have taken to rearing or breed

Pet rat risk is an issue that needs to be dealt with as people tend to associate a number of diseases and bad things to rats. However to understand the true pet rat risks, we need to know more about rats and understand exactly what they are and how they l

Hairless rats are a particular breed of rat which do not have hair or a coat on their body. Also known as Sphinx Rats, these hairless rats are genetically nude and therefore, have nothing unnatural about them. Today, hairless rats are extremely popular am

Hooded Rats are a distinct breed of marked rats that are immensely popular due to their unique markings. A number of breeders and owners have been known to possess this adorable breed of rat that looks like no other. Hooded rats are quite distinct in that

Irish Pet Rats are similar in appearance to the moon bear rats when viewing the markings that they carry on their bodies with some slight differences. The moon bear rat that has a

Masked rats are a wonderful variation to the normal rat and are a part of the family called fancy rats. They are incredible creatures that have a distinct marking on their face which gives them the appearance of wearing a mask(thus their name), which diff

Fancy rats are unlike your normal rats that you see in pet stores and with breeders. However, the fancy rat is the most popular type of rat that is kept as a pet. There are a number of characteristics that differentiate a fancy rat from a regular wild rat

Capped Rats are a variety of rats that are quite popular among hobbyists and breeders alike. With a distinct marking on their faces only, capped rats are quite common in rat shows as you will notice if you?re a regular to one. The best part of owning capp

Baby rats, also known as kittens, pups or puppies, are one of the most adorable creatures that you can have as pets. However, they are not so easy to care for as baby rats require a lot of attention & assistance, especially if they are without a mothe

Agouti rats are an interesting variety of rat which look just like your wild rats but in fact, are different. At first look, its coat appears to be similar to a wild rat and as a result, Agouti rats have been quite hard to identify, especially for inexper