Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish

Arowanas as Pets


The Arowana is a bony fish that is prehistoric in actuality and in appearance. It resides in aquariums and natural freshwater sources throughout the world. The head of this fish is bony and its body is covered in large, thick scales. It glides through the

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Bacterial Fish diseases


Though a pet fish is generally kept in largely unchanging conditions, it is not uncommon for health conditions to develop. Bacterial diseases are often very serious in nature, potentially resulting in physical deformities or death. If antibiotics are give

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Botia is a genus of freshwater fish in the Loach family (Cobitidae). It was a large genus with about 20 species. In 2004 Maurice Kottelat proposed in his paper (along with the description of Botia kubotai, see References below) to divide the genus into fo


Buying Fish for Your Aquarium


While your tank finishes maturing, you should put the final touches on your shopping list of fish. You should have already determined how many fish will fit in your aquarium, and consider what type of fish you will buy. You may want to visit your local fi

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There are over 2,000 known species of Catfish spread all around the globe in both fresh and salt water, and varying in size from a few centimetres to 3 metres.




There's always something special about an aquarium. Yet if you're looking for something different from the standard goldfish, why not bring a touch of the exotic into your home? A tropical fish is not only fascinating, with the array of bright colours ava




Cichlid is the name given to a wide variety of types of colourful tropical fish from Africa, the Americas and Asian regions.


Climbing gourami (Labyrinth fish)


When it comes to curious names, the Climbing Gourami has not one but quite a few. It's part of a family of perciform fish called the Anabantidae, is a type of Labyrinth Fish and its close relatives include the Climbing Perches. Labyrinth Fish are freshwat

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Feeding your Fish


As a beginner you will likely be tempted to buy only packaged dried foods, of which there are types to suit almost every variety of fish. Huge amounts of time and money have been expended in ensuring that they provide all necessary dietary elements, and,

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Fish Breeding


Many aquarists soon develop a yearning for the patter of tiny fins, perhaps because a species breeds unprompted in its community tank, perhaps because of an interest in conservation. Indeed anyone maintaining a rare or endangered species should feel duty

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Fish Diseases and Treatments


There are three main points to remember about illness in the aquarium:1. At least 95 per cent of illnesses are environmen­tal rather than pathogenic (caused by an outside organism). Moreover many pathogenic diseases remain dormant unless the fish is w

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Fish Feeding and Digestion


The digestive system of fish is quite simple when compared to that of the humans. Of course there are many variations between species. A fish's mouthparts are modified for unique food habits. Some species such as sawhorses that feed on small zooplankton o

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Fish Feeding Stimuli


Almost all species of fish can be trained to eat a variety of prepared diets, but not all diets are equally acceptable to all fish. Even the most nutritious diet cannot maintain a fish that fails to recognize the type of food. Recognition is affected by i

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Fish Food for Aquarium Fish


With the never-ending choices of fish foods available to the aquarist today, it may seem difficult to determine which are appropriate for your fish. The cost factor should NOT be the deciding factor when choosing fish food, because inferior or inappropri

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Four-eyed fishes – strange pets


Not quite as true as the name implies four eyed fish in fact only have two eyes, the two eyes do have the most unique configuration. Their eyes are proportionally large and bulbous much like that of a frog in a position to on the top of the fishes head. H

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Fungal Fish Diseases


Fungal attacks always follow some other health problem like parasitic attack, injury, or bacterial infection. The symptoms are a gray or whitish growth in and on the skin and/or fins of the fish. Eventually, if left untreated, these growths will become co

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General Fish Afflictions


While we have no hesitation in rushing out dogs and cats to the vet on a regular basis, we sometimes forget that fish too, need love and care in order to lead a healthy, happy aquarium life. Fish in fact, are prone to several afflictions, so it's worth kn

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Goldfish have long been, and still remain, one of the most popular family pets available. They're attractive to look at, widely available, highly affordable, and fairly easy to look after. A variety of carp, Goldfish are one of the earliest domesticated f