Detailed Information

Dogs 4 Life, led by qualified Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer Nick Wilson, specializes in addressing a wide range of dog behavior problems and providing comprehensive dog training services. With over 1000 consultations completed, Nick brings a wealth of experience to each session, focusing on analyzing and modifying problem behaviors while reinforcing positive replacements. Nick’s background as an ex Police Dog Handler, along with his studies in Applied Behavior Analysis and Canine Behavior, ensures a professional and effective approach to dog training.

  • Behavior Modification Consultation: Tailored solutions for dogs experiencing behavior issues, resulting in a more balanced and content pet.
  • Puppy Programme: Designed for young puppies or those up to 6 months old, addressing issues like toilet training, nipping, and obedience training specific to the puppy’s needs.
  • Functional Obedience Sessions: One-on-one training sessions emphasizing modern dog training principles to help owners get the best out of their dogs.

Based in New Plymouth, Dogs 4 Life offers consultations throughout New Zealand and real-time video consultations for international clients. Services include group training, socialization sessions, and an online package. Nick’s personalized approach and proven techniques have garnered praise from satisfied clients, highlighting his ability to transform dog behavior and enhance the bond between pets and their owners.