┬áThere are three main points to remember about illness in the aquarium: 1. At least 95 per cent of illnesses are environmental rather than pathogenic (caused by an outside organism). Moreover many pathogenic diseases remain dormant unless the fish is weakened by environmental factors. 2. There is no point in medicating a fish unless you…

LymphocystisSymptoms: Nodular white swellings (cauliflower) on fins or body.Lymphocystis is a virus and, being a virus, affects the cells of the fish. It usually manifests itself as abnormally large white lumps (cauliflower) on the fins or other parts of

Fungal attacks always follow some other health problem like parasitic attack, injury, or bacterial infection. The symptoms are a gray or whitish growth in and on the skin and/or fins of the fish. Eventually, if left untreated, these growths will become co

While we have no hesitation in rushing out dogs and cats to the vet on a regular basis, we sometimes forget that fish too, need love and care in order to lead a healthy, happy aquarium life. Fish in fact, are prone to several afflictions, so it’s worth kn

Though a pet fish is generally kept in largely unchanging conditions, it is not uncommon for health conditions to develop. Bacterial diseases are often very serious in nature, potentially resulting in physical deformities or death. If antibiotics are give