Detailed Information

Clever Creatures is a premier dog training business located in Perth, Western Australia, founded by Sarah McMullen in 2006. With over a decade of experience in training pets and pet owners, Clever Creatures offers a range of specialized training classes tailored to meet the unique needs of dogs at different stages of their development. From puppy classes for young pups to advanced training for older dogs, Clever Creatures is dedicated to fostering a healthy and joyous relationship between dogs and their owners.

Under the leadership of Sarah McMullen, a qualified animal behaviorist and veterinary nurse, Clever Creatures boasts a team of committed professional trainers who are passionate about helping dogs reach their full potential. The business prides itself on providing small, personalized classes, as well as individual lessons and workshops, to address specific training needs and behavioral issues. Clever Creatures’ training approach focuses on positive reinforcement and building a strong bond between dogs and their owners, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience for all participants.

  • Puppy’s 1st Class (up to 11 weeks)
  • Taming the Teenage Pup (12-22 weeks)
  • Clever Dog Training (dogs over 5.5 months)
  • Reactive Training Classes
  • Graduate Classes for Clever Young Dogs
  • Individual Dog Training Sessions
  • Phone Consultations for personalized advice