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Beautiful Beasts Dog Training & Behaviour Modification is a premier dog training business founded by Stian Berg, a highly experienced trainer and behavior specialist. With a focus on dealing with aggression, anxiety, destruction, and other problem behaviors in dogs, Beautiful Beasts offers a wide range of training services to help owners establish a harmonious relationship with their furry companions.

Stian Berg’s journey into the world of dog training began with his own high-drive dog, Red, a kelpie. Through his personal experiences and professional training, Stian developed a deep understanding of canine behavior and effective training techniques. His expertise extends to working with high-drive dogs, puppy development, aggression rehabilitation, and behavior modification, making him a sought-after trainer in the industry.

Beautiful Beasts is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners navigate the complexities of training and behavior modification. With a strong emphasis on proper puppy development, classical and operant conditioning, and leash handling techniques, Stian and his team strive to empower dog owners to raise beautifully balanced pooches. Whether you’re looking to address specific behavior issues or enhance your dog’s obedience skills, Beautiful Beasts is committed to providing personalized and effective training solutions.