Rabbits are small rodent-like mammals called Lagamorphs are found either natively or introduced on all continents and many small islands around the world. Children often refer to them affectionately as “bunnies”. The lagamorph family includes all rabbits including cottontails, and the closely related hare.

Hares are very similar to rabbits in appearance, but one main difference means rabbits can be domesticated and kept as pets, whilst hares cannot. Rabbits are born blind, furless and helpless and rely completely on their parents for all aspect of their wellbeing, whereas hares are born with their eyes open, with fur, and are able to care for themselves to a degree shortly after birth. This self-sufficiency of hares prevents them from being domesticated.

Rabbits are many things to many people. Pet, pest, food source…. at Mypets we are only interested in dealing with the first variety!

Male and female rabbits
As with deer, the male rabbit is referred to as a buck whilst the female is called a doe(Editor – no they don’t grow antlers :)) A baby rabbit is called a kit, multiple babies are called kittens.

Rabbit Size and weight
The different breeds /types of rabbits vary widely in both size and weight, from under a kilogram for some species when fully grown, to over four kilograms for the larger species.

Rabbit Incisors
Rabbits have four incisors in their top jaw and a two on the bottom that continuously grow so it’s important your bunny has lots of hard vegetables as well as sticks to gnaw on or these teeth will quickly grow to overlap, preventing your rabbit from being able to eat. Rodents have two such pairs, top and bottom thus giving rabbits their own separate mammal type.

When buying a rabbit, make sure their teeth are correctly aligned, as otherwise no amount of gnawing will allow them to be kept in check and your bunny will either require constant teeth trimming or it will starve.

Rabbit Appearance Movement
Rabbits have long dropping ears, large powerful hind legs and short fluffy tails. They move by hopping on their proportionally long, and powerful hindlegs, but can also crawl both forward and backwards through their tunnels

Myxomatosis – A death sentence for Domestic Bunnies in Australia


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