This page is based on Australian Dog Shows, we will be detailing dog shows around the world in this section from June 2007 Conformation shows are an assessment of the physical characteristics of individual dogs against the ‘breed standard’ for each breed

Australian dogs have the opportunity to participate in a unique exercise that measures their strength and stamina. The Endurance Test, also known as E.T., is an activity that an owner can participate in with his or her pet. The primary purpose of the test

Abra History “Famous for digging a hole eleven feet deep” Abraham – Ren & Stimpy, Nickelodeon Animation, T.V. Show Granny renamed Ren this when she adopted him Ace – Batman, Detective Comics Comic Book Bruce Wayne’s pet, who became Bat Hound to fight

While adult dogs are most often fed only once or perhaps twice a day puppies need the more frequently. Initially after being weaned they should be fed three times a day dropping back to around 10 to 12 weeks with a morning and evening feed. We recommend c

Did you know that there are over half a million stray dogs on the tiny island of Bali in Indonesia? If you’ve traveled to Bali you have probably seen them – they hang out on the streets – starved, sick and often injured from abuse or accidents. Though many international tourists visit Bali each year,…

Things to think about when considering a dog. How big is your yard? Many dogs require a large yard to self exercise in, and this is not always linked to dog size. There are large livestock guardian dogs may well need a small yard and a smaller herding bre