Unusual Pets

Unusual Pets

Fainting Goat


At the time of writing this article is not actually possible to obtain a fainting goat is a pet in Australia. The only herds of goats known to have this condition are in America -but since the condition is quite funny I'm including the fainting goat now A

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Frogs as Pets


Frogs can make very good pets. Unlike most other pets this one will let you go on a holiday,all you must do is give them a big feed before you go, of yummy live insects .Obvously if you are going around the world,or you think your trip will take longer th

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Robopet, one of the most famous toy robots, is an artificial dog which has been created by the Wow Wee Company to replace the living pets. Its intentions are not as dangerous as it sounds but the noble reason behind creating this robot has been entertainm


Sea Monkeys as Pets


I remember as a young girl seeing an ad to see monkeys for the first time. These amazing creatures according to the packaging and smiling happy faces, built underwater castles and cities and looked like they would happily interact with me. I begged my par

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