Today I got the worst possible news from my doctor. I have been sick for weeks, months even. Recently moved to a cold climate and though I like the cold… I had thought perhaps it did not like me. I was hoping to get a report back of chronic bronchitis, severe flu or even some…

So, you’ve recently added a kitten to the family? Congratulations! Few things in life are as satisfying as the loving companionship a new pet can provide. We also would like to congratulate you for wanting to know more about protecting the health of your

Much has been written about cats’ nutritional requirements. Cats need a balanced diet containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals; but about 30-40 percent should be protein – a higher percentage than is necessary for a dog. The best wa

Grooming means taking daily care of the cat for its health and beauty. The purpose is to tone up the muscles; remove dirt, grease, dead hairs and dead skin flakes; and stimulate blood circulation, thus improving the condition of the hair and skin. Many ca

Cats will breed when left to their own devices. In fact, if you leave cats to do their own thing, they will overrun the population. They can multiply very quickly if not kept in check

A number of factors contribute to a cat’s health and longevity, including its genes, environment and the care it receives. While genetics are predetermined before birth, there is still a great deal that can be done to ensure that a cat has a long an

The first evidence of cats being domesticated is in archaeological remains as early as 2500 BC in Egypt where literally hundreds of thousands of cats have been found mummified. Cats were also known in China from 1000 BC and later in Japan People esteemed

Keeping a cat in perfect health means providing correct food, grooming, housing, and inoculations at the required intervals as well as a constant show of affection. Correct feeding This involves giving enough food of the right kinds, mixed in the correct

Once you have decided that you want to get a cat you have to choose what kind of cat you want to get. You can choose gender, pedigree, breed, long or short hair, and colour. Once you have made all of these considerations you will be able to find the right