Doves and Finches

Doves and Finches

African Collared Dove


The African Collared Dove belongs to the scientific classification Streptopelia roseogrisea and is a small dove native to the dry lands of Africa and Arabia, though it is also known to inhabit areas close to water. It has been introduced to other parts of

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African Mourning Dove


The African Mourning Dove (Streptopelia decipiens) is a pigeon that is commonly seen throughout the northernmost region of southern Africa. It is native to Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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Band-tailed Pigeon


Bird fans have discovered there is much to admire in this lovely little species. The Band-tailed is just one of several breeds of pigeon that are kept domestically around the globe. Many people are finding Band-tailed Pigeons can make a great addition to

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Bar-shouldered Dove


The Bar-shouldered Dove, Geopelia humeralis, is a pigeon that is native to the continent of Australia. It makes its home across the northern and eastern regions of Australia. While its population has spread to other countries such as New Guinea

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Barbary Dove


The Ringneck Dove, Ring Dove, or Barbary Dove, Streptopelia risoria, is a small domestic dove. Some sources confidently assert that it is a domestic form of the Eurasian Collared Dove, S. decaocto, but the majority of evidence points to it being a domesti

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Black-billed Wood Dove


The Black-billed Wood Dove makes its nest on tree branches, so it typically inhabits savannas or marshes that offer close access to acacias or other trees in which it can make a nest. This breed may also live in areas that are more residential in nature.

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Blue Ground Dove


The Blue Ground Dove (Claravis pretiosa) is a small New World tropical dove. It is a resident breeder from southeastern Mexico to northwestern Peru and northern Argentina, and on Trinidad.The Blue Ground Dove is common in open woodland, forest edges, clea

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