Pet mice care is a hobby for those looking for something that is easy and yet, fun. Pet mice care is often deemed unhygienic or unsuitable mainly due to the perception of mice that people hold. However, it is extremely unlike anything like that. A little

Contrary to what cartoons like Tom and Jerry will have you believe, cheese is not a suitable mainstay in the diet of your pet mouse. In the wild, mice are opportunist feeders living off a mixes grass seeds, insects and plant matter. The dietary needs of t

Pet mice health is of prime importance especially if you are trying to become a breeder but even if you are just keeping one, there is a great chance that even the slightest amount of negligence can lead to poor quality pet mice health. Mice are quite str

Pet mice safety is an underestimated and often overlooked issue that comes forth when dealing with pet mice. Whether in their cages or out in the open, there are a large number of issues that could affect pet mice safety at various levels. Since most of t

Pet mice varieties have, for years, fascinated breeders, collectors and hobbyists alike. Over the years, pet rat selective breeding has given birth to a number of pet mice varieties while helping sustain existing breeds. With a wide number of pet mice var

Fancy Mice are the most popular variety of mice that are available today to maintain as pets. Unlike the normal mice, Fancy mice are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and this makes them quite fascinating. Although there are many differe

Baby pet mice are often referred to as kittens or puppies (or pups). Extremely cute, baby pet mice are a big responsibility for the owner and require a lot of care in terms of the environment they live in. If you have a pair of pet mice (male and female),