Now I hear what you are thinking.... where will you find a collar small enough for your pet spider? lol. Spiders are not pets of the cuddly companion kind, they are hobby animals whose behaviour can be fun to observe. They require very little care, are often fascinating to watch. They don't bark all night,…

The housing requirements for your pet spider are going to differ depending on whether you have a small house spider, an orb weaver, a roaming spider such as a huntsman or a jumping spider. There are some principles that are going to be generally applic

Organising a healthy diet and the more common traditional pets such as cats and dogs is relatively easy. Walk into the supermarket and they will buy whole aisle allocated to pet food. Your local pet shop or farm supplies store will have an even more varie

Whilst caring to your pet spider is certainly going to be a lesser task of caring for your tank of exotic aquarium fish or pair of cocker spaniels there is some work involved in maintaining the health of your pet spider. Most importantly you need to try a

Pet spider risks are an important consideration before you decide to keep a spider as a pet. Whilst many breeds a non-aggressive and can even be handled, certainly there are breeds are very aggressive and extremely venomous. Being aware of the risks you f