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Pets Australia Directory - Category: Bird Breeder

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Family Vet Pacific Pines

Family Vet Pacific Pines: Trusted vet clinic offering top-notch care for pets, connecting homes with adorable dogs and parrots. Expertise and compassion guaranteed.

Dr Linda King & Dr Vanessa Steele

Reputable animal breeders Dr. Linda King & Dr. Vanessa Steele offer a diverse selection of purebred puppies and exotic birds.

Battle David Dr

Battle David Dr is a trusted animal breeding business in Australia, offering high-quality puppies, birds, and other pets for sale.

Aquabird Pet Centre

Aquabird Pet Centre in Toowoomba & Warwick offers reptiles, birds, fish, and small animals. Knowledgeable staff help find perfect pets.

Pets To Pamper

Pets to Pamper in Atherton is a local pet store with 30 years of experience, offering diverse pets and expert guidance.


Sheps, led by Ken and Lyn Shephard, is a premier aviculture business specializing in Lorikeets and Lories with innovative nutrition solutions.

Mudgee Birds & Aquarium

Mudgee Birds & Aquarium in Mudgee is a top pet store offering diverse bird species and aquarium supplies with expert advice.