Detailed Information

Buck’s Dog Training Of Princeton is a premier dog behavior and obedience specialist business serving Mercer County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Hunterdon County in New Jersey. Led by Christine Terracciano, a dedicated professional with a lifelong passion for dogs, the business focuses on providing comprehensive training solutions for both dogs and their owners. With a strong emphasis on clear communication and positive reinforcement, Buck’s Dog Training aims to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their owners, ultimately making a positive impact on society.

At Buck’s Dog Training, clients can benefit from a range of services including consultation sessions to assess their dog’s needs and tailor a custom training program. The business offers balanced holistic training programs that focus on building positive habits and proper socialization in various environments. Additionally, Buck’s Dog Training provides boarding packages, training packages, and a combination of both, ensuring that dogs receive the care and attention they need to thrive.

With a commitment to long-term results, Buck’s Dog Training offers a success tool kit that includes complimentary refreshers for clients who opt for board and train packages. By empowering both dogs and owners with the skills and confidence they need to succeed, Buck’s Dog Training Of Princeton is dedicated to helping dogs make better choices in everyday life and fostering strong bonds between pets and their owners.