Detailed Information

New Jersey Dog Pack, located in Central New Jersey, is a leading establishment specializing in dog psychology and behavior. Founded in 2014 by Dog Behavior Specialist Jason Muccino, the business focuses on promoting a more natural approach to raising dogs, aiming to help dog owners achieve a balanced, centered, and happy state of mind for their furry companions. With a strong emphasis on understanding dogs’ fundamental needs and connecting with nature on a deeper level, New Jersey Dog Pack offers expert guidance and training to foster well-behaved and harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners.

Under the mentorship of Jason Muccino, the team at New Jersey Dog Pack, including Vinny and Mariko, is dedicated to instilling calm, confidence, love, and joy in both dogs and their human companions. Vinny, a Rutgers University graduate with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering, has a passion for helping others understand the positive impact of raising a well-behaved dog. Mariko, with a love for animals since childhood, brings her affectionate nature and expertise in building strong bonds with dogs to the pack. Together, the team at New Jersey Dog Pack strives to inspire the community to be better humans through their work with dogs.

Joining the New Jersey Dog Pack family means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support in nurturing a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your canine companion. Whether you are seeking guidance on dog psychology, behavior training, or simply looking to enhance the bond with your dog, New Jersey Dog Pack is committed to providing a safe, trusting, and loyal environment for both dogs and their owners. Sign up for news and updates to stay connected with the latest insights and offerings from New Jersey Dog Pack, where every dog is honored, and every client is valued.