Capped Rats are a variety of rats that are quite popular among hobbyists and breeders alike. With a distinct marking on their faces only, capped rats are quite common in rat shows as you will notice if you?re a regular to one. The best part of owning capped rats is that they can be in any colour as long as the markings match the prescribed style.

If you are a breeder, then it is important to understand that to breed good quality (for competitions) capped rats, you need to ensure that the genes are strong, with no apparent weakness in the past. If you are looking to start off, then getting your first couple from a good breeder is a great way to start. These breeders are also a great place to find information about how to breed rats properly.

If you want to get one home for yourself or for your child, then capped rats are a great option too. Identifying one is quite easy as capped rats have a coloured marking all over the face, however the marking does not extend past their ears and throat. The marking of the coat needs to be sharp and precise with no spilling over the lines onto the remaining body.

The marking follows the lower jaw-line all the way to the ears. Again, these are straight and strict lines that do not display any form of irregularities. If you are looking for capped rats, then there is no specific colour combination that is required by all rat associations and groups. For a rat to be capped, it just needs two distinct colours, one for the head and the other for the rest of its body.

Capped rats are just like normal rats, in all other ways, i.e. they do not need any sort of special treatment in any way. If entering competitions with Capped rats, then there is very little to do, in terms of preparation. These rats are extremely clean creatures and tend to take care of themselves quite well. So barring a session of light brushing, capped rats might not need anything else.

Pleasing to look at and a joy to own, whether you are a breeder or just someone who wants one for home, you really do need to explore the world of capped rats to understand the wonderful world they have to offer.