With so many choices available of animals that make fabulous pets and easily adapt to human companionship, why would anyone want to bring into their home an animal that does not fit this description? The answer is usually a mix of genuine but misguided in

Pets can be many things to their owners, and there are many great reasons to have a pet. The most common reason for a person to have a pet is for companionship. Pets make wonderful companions, because they are generally loyal and affectionate. However, th

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I do wish I’d been more active with my camera, recording the many funny moments where my pets did something funny, silly or crazy. Many of those moments are now just memories which are fading. Have you got a funny photo of your Pet? How about a cartoon? I

It was with great sadness that I rehomed my dog “Floppy” some years ago. Floppy came to me as a deserted, tick paralysed stray. Fearsome in appearance, I was reticent to even pick her up for fear she might bite my throat out…. 4 days after she recovered

Identify the needs, concerns, fears, and medical history (especially allergies) of everyone in your household. If you live alone, the task is easier. Evaluate your living space, lifestyle and budget. When choosing a pet take into consideration:- Younger a

While many people capture the essence of their pets on camera and video, some also choose to commission an artist to draw a portrait of their beloved pets. Hiring a professional artist is always an option, but with a few basic steps and suggestions, an ow

The internet is a convenient way to research a particular pet. Once you have found the pet you are looking for and you are satisfied that you know what you want, the next logical step is to look online for that particular breed of animal that you are inte