Rodents as Pets

Rodents as Pets

Pet Rat Colouring


Pet rat colouring is a major distinguishing feature that allows you to differentiate between various species of rats. Many times, when picking a rat from a pet shop or from a breeder, it is the pet rat colouring that sets the first impression on the custo

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Pet Rat Food


Pet rat food, as in the case of human food, needs to be nutritional and healthy. The ideal pet rat food is not just tasty for the rat, but also gives it the vital nutrients and energy that it requires to get through eat day of its life. Rats tend to love

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Pet Rat Health


Pet rat health care is extremely important if you are planning on keeping pet rats. Rats are small but sturdy creatures and it is extremely important for them to be in good condition and thus, pet rat health is of utmost importance as these tiny creatures

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Pet Rat Markings


Pet rat markings have been a unique way of distinguishing between various species of rats over the years. These pet rat markings have been the result of selective breeding as well as nature's handiwork. Today, many hobbyists have taken to rearing or breed

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Pet Rat Risks


Pet rat risk is an issue that needs to be dealt with as people tend to associate a number of diseases and bad things to rats. However to understand the true pet rat risks, we need to know more about rats and understand exactly what they are and how they l

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Pet Rat Selective Breeding


Pet rat selective breeding is a popular form of breeding followed by a number of breeders who are looking at particular breeds only. Although pet rat selective breeding is a scientific method, there are many positives and negatives to this form of breedin

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Pet Rat Varieties


Pet rat varieties have fascinated us over the years and for many, it has been quite a revelation to find out that there are in fact so many pet rat varieties which we did not probably know of. Differentiation of pet rat varieties has been carried out over

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White Rats


White rats are one of the most desired and popular species of rats around the world. White rats have been quite popular in film & theatre and have also made their way into stories and tales due to their beautiful pristine white bodies and stunning eye

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