Irish Pet Rats are similar in appearance to the moon bear rats when viewing the markings that they carry on their bodies with some slight differences. The moon bear rat that has a ‘V-Shaped’ white mark on its black body whilst Irish pet rats have a white equilateral triangle on their chest. Irish pet rats are extremely adorable and come in two different varieties – American and English Irish pet rats.

The triangle on the chest of an Irish pet rat needs to be absolutely clear & distinct and should not appear as a small blot or spot on the body. The triangle must be equilateral in appearance – no judge is going to take exact measurements the sides of the triangle must be more or less the same length.

Irish pet rats come in many different colours and all colours are acceptable as long as the triangle is white. The American version of the Irish pet rat has a slightly different breed standard. Both the English and the American version of the Irish pet rat come in any colour with an equilateral white trundle on the belly where they differ is in the allowed, or desirable amount of white on the legs.

English Irish rats have white feet the white only extends half way up their feet. Additionally the triangle doesn’t occupy any more space in the area between the front legs. The American version of the Irish rat the whiteness on the feet usually extends all the way up the entire length of the feet.

In the English Irish pet rats, the triangle marking is the same as that of the American Irish variety however, there is a marked difference in the colouring of the feet. The front and back feet of an English Irish pet rat are white but only till the halfway point. The white triangle doesn’t occupy any more space than the area between the front legs.

American Irish pet rats also have coloured tails and the more the tail is coloured, the better it is considered although they are supposed to have a white tip that’s no longer than one-fourth of the total length of the tail.
They are a very popular species of pet rat and you can source in Australia from many pet shops. For more information on caring your pet rat visit our pet rat information page.