Pet mice care is a hobby for those looking for something that is easy and yet, fun. Pet mice care is often deemed unhygienic or unsuitable mainly due to the perception of mice that people hold. However, it is extremely unlike anything like that. A little bit of knowledge and some practice later, you will realize how pleasing pet mice care is.

Pet mice care is extremely personal, in the sense that it varies from person to person as to how they treat and keep their pet mice. However, there are certain broad guidelines that govern the hobby and the entire list begins with the task of picking out a healthy mouse. Although pet stores have a good collection, it is always advisable for you to buy directly from a dealer. Not only might you get it cheaper, there is a distinct understanding of the history of the mouse and therefore, the chances of it carrying any disease, is lesser.

While pet stores are not the best place to buy a pet mouse, they are definitely the best place for all types of pet mice care equipment and advice. If you are just starting out and are looking for advice, then its quite okay to ask for details at more than just one pet store.

Once at home, your pet mouse needs to get acquainted with you. This is an extremely important part of the entire process of pet mice care because unless the animal trusts you, it won’t let you near it. Although it’s easy when they are babies, it can get a bit dangerous when they grow up and still don’t trust their owner. Also, mice are small creatures with tiny hearts. They can get scared easily and in some cases, die or get sick from shock. So it’s always a good idea to whisper regularly to your pet mouse as well as hang around them to get them accustomed to your smell.

Picking them up regularly, when they are still young, is another great way of making sure that your pet mouse is alright around people. An important aspect of pet mice care is exercise. While you can put in a number of exercise equipment in their cages, it is extremely important to ensure that your mice have a regular run-out in the open, outside of their cages. This has its drawbacks as mice can be quite difficult to catch, once you let me loose. However, if they are fine with your presence, then they might not run away from you and be easier to catch.

However, along with pet mice care, this form of exercise also requires some “anti-pet mice care“. Mouse-proofing your room is extremely important as mice can escape through tiny gaps in the wall, under the door, or chew on wires and break things. So the house needs to be made as safe as possible if the mice are to be let out.

Pet mice care also involves an extremely important aspect regarding their homes. A clean, well-ventilated cage is ideal for housing pet mice as it is very easy for these creatures to fall sick due to their surroundings. Cages, with very little gap between the wires, are perfect for pet mice care. As flooring within the cage, you can use wood shavings and even cloth for a soft and warm bed.

In term of food for your pet mice, getting something wholesome and ideal can involve buying food pellets or mice from pet stores or preparing their meals from scratch. Along with brown rice, vegetables and bread can be given to mice as fodder.

Pet mice are small and delicate creatures and handling them softly and properly requires steady training not only on the part of the rat, who gets accustomed to your touch, but also at your end, which allows you to be calm and gentle when handling them.

Despite their small size, pet mice care can become quite overwhelming for many owners especially if they have more than one. Giving them enough running space and a clean home is the ideal way to begin pet mice care.

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