Detailed Information

Whispering Peaks Dog Training is a reputable business dedicated to transforming your dog’s behavior from chaotic to calm, and from seemingly deaf to attentive. Specializing in working breeds, the experienced trainer behind Whispering Peaks understands the challenges dog owners face, from car chasing to excessive barking. With a focus on impulse control and strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion, Whispering Peaks offers a range of services tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs.

With over 2 years of experience working with shelter dogs and rescues, Whispering Peaks is well-equipped to address a variety of behavioral issues, including anxiety and reactivity. The business prides itself on providing personalized training sessions that instill confidence in both you and your dog. Whether you’re looking to address specific problem behaviors or simply enhance your dog’s obedience skills, Whispering Peaks offers a range of programs designed to help you achieve your training goals.

  • Specializes in obedience training, problem-solving, and behavior modification
  • Certified in Dog Behavior & Training with a background in working with various breeds
  • Offers a variety of services, including walk & train sessions and backyard enrichment activities
  • Focuses on creating a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners