Detailed Information

Core Canine is a premier dog training business founded by Troy, whose lifelong passion for animals, particularly Rottweilers, has shaped his expertise in canine behavior and training. With a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training and extensive experience under the mentorship of industry leaders, Troy has honed his skills to cater to a diverse clientele, including the general public, sporting enthusiasts, and Law Enforcement agencies.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence, Core Canine offers specialized training programs aimed at fostering the holistic development of dogs, regardless of their intended roles. Troy’s involvement in competitive dog sports, such as I.G.P., and his success in training his personal dog, Von Forell Xylon, showcase his dedication to achieving high standards in canine training and behavior modification.

Through strategic partnerships with renowned figures in the dog industry, like Evan Herbalis and Kris Kotsopoulos, Core Canine has access to top-tier resources and breeding programs. Troy’s latest protege, Von Ultimate Chanel, exemplifies the caliber of dogs produced by Core Canine, with lineage tracing back to world-class champions and highly acclaimed German Shepherds. Core Canine sets itself apart as a leader in delivering top-quality dog training services and breeding exceptional canine companions.