Detailed Information

Waggle Tails | Dog & Puppy Training Osborne Park is a renowned dog training business founded by Kelly Brown, an internationally qualified dog trainer with a passion for helping dogs and their owners achieve outstanding results. With over 4,000 puppies, dogs, and families benefiting from their programs, Waggle Tails offers in-person group sessions, private consultations, and an online Ultimate Dog training membership. Kelly’s approach focuses on positive reinforcement, mutual trust, and respect, creating well-mannered canine companions without the use of force or intimidation.

At Waggle Tails, the emphasis is on understanding and incorporating each dog’s individual needs and motivators into their training program. Through tailored sessions, dogs learn in a stress-free environment where play is integrated into the training process to promote physical and mental well-being. The team at Waggle Tails is dedicated to building strong relationships between dogs and their owners, helping them communicate effectively and strengthen their bond through rewards-based methods endorsed by the scientific community.

Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight the transformative impact of Waggle Tails’ training programs, with dogs exhibiting improved behavior, socialization, and overall well-being. From resolving behavior problems to fostering better communication and understanding between dogs and their owners, Waggle Tails is a trusted partner in creating well-trained and happy dogs. Whether it’s puppy socialization classes, drop-in sessions, or the comprehensive Ultimate Dog online training membership, Waggle Tails is committed to providing top-notch training services that prioritize the welfare and development of every dog.