Detailed Information

The Kelpie Kid is a unique business founded by a passionate individual with a deep love for working dogs, particularly Kelpies. Inspired by the movie “Babe” and the desire for a country lifestyle, the owner embarked on a journey that led to the adoption of two Kelpies, Dora and Boss, who became integral companions in various adventures. The business was born out of a genuine connection with these intelligent and energetic dogs, with a focus on dog training and herding.

Specializing in general dog training to address common behavioral issues, The Kelpie Kid also offers specialized training in sheep-herding, a skill deeply rooted in the Kelpie breed’s heritage. The owner’s relocation to the Sunshine Coast provided the perfect setting to pursue this passion, with the business now operating on a picturesque five-acre property alongside experienced working dog trainer Neil MacLeod. Together, they aim to provide expert training services tailored to the unique abilities and instincts of Kelpies and other working dog breeds.

With a commitment to fostering strong bonds between owners and their canine companions, The Kelpie Kid embodies a blend of dedication, expertise, and a genuine love for working dogs. Whether you’re seeking assistance with basic obedience training or looking to explore the world of sheep-herding with your four-legged friend, The Kelpie Kid offers a personalized and enriching experience for both dogs and their owners.