Detailed Information

Fifth Element Holistic Veterinary Services (FEHVS) is a dedicated provider of compassionate at-home veterinary care and integrative veterinary services for animals. Our mission is to empower clients to support the well-being and health of their animals through evidence-based Western and Eastern veterinary medicine. We strive to offer exceptional, compassionate care in the comfort of your own home, aiming to contribute to education in Tasmania’s animal-owning community for sustainable and effective animal wellness and preventative care.

FEHVS acknowledges and respects the traditional owners of the land, the palawa people, and is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and trauma-informed space for all interactions. We adhere to a zero-tolerance policy and maintain a 100% positive reinforcement and low-stress handling approach in our veterinary services. Our commitment extends to reducing our environmental impact and reflecting care and compassion in the way we operate our business.

Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight the high quality of care and expertise provided by FEHVS, with a focus on holistic methods that have led to significant improvements in various health issues for their animals. Dr. Wei’s dedication to combining Western and Eastern medicine, including dietary changes, Chinese herbal medicine, and massage, has been praised for its effectiveness and compassionate approach. Clients appreciate the personalized care and stress-free home visits that have positively impacted the health and happiness of their animals.