Detailed Information

Raksha Kennels is a renowned breeding establishment specializing in black and silver Schnauzers, proudly home to Australia’s first Grand Champion Schnauzer and Victoria’s First Bred Grand Champion Schnauzer. With a strong emphasis on breeding for temperament, our Schnauzers are not only show champions but also beloved family members known for their obedience and suitability as companions for seniors and special children.

Our commitment to producing exceptional Schnauzers extends beyond the show ring, as demonstrated by our therapy dog Callie. Callie has been recruited by Ambulance Victoria to support paramedics in dealing with the challenges they face daily, contributing to mental health awareness and reducing the stigma associated with seeking help. This innovative program, the first of its kind in Australia, highlights the importance of support animals like Callie in providing comfort and assistance in demanding situations.

At Raksha Kennels, we take pride in our dedication to breeding high-quality Schnauzers with excellent temperaments and impressive show records. For more information about our breeding program or to inquire about our available puppies, please contact us at 03 5368 1434. © 2020. Raksha Kennels. All Rights Reserved.