Breed Group:  Hounds (Sight Hounds)
Country of Origin: Ibiza, Spain (Name is pronounced Ibithan) in
Other Names: Podenco Ibicenco, Ca Eivissenc
Size: Medium – height 60 to 74cm High, weighing 20 to 28kg
Care Requirements:  Medium
Exercise Requirements: High
Best suited as: Show Dog or as pet to a sight hound enthusiast

To someone unfamiliar with the breed the Ibizan hound might be mistaken for the greyhound with whom they share the typical sight hound build but on close inspection the two breeds are markedly different. The Ibizan hound has a narrow face, expressive eyes and large always pricked ears. The deal differs from other site hounds such as the Afghan in the greyhound by being squarer – their chest is shallower and there is no obvious widening of the body from the rear quarters to the chest.

The coat is almost always chestnut in varying shades and white. A lion colour has recently been added to the breed however this remains extremely rare. Coat may be short and smooth or wire, in the case of the wire coat coat length is roughly 5 to 7 cm long and they have an abundance of facial whiskers. Eyes are amber and they have a flesh coloured nose. They have dew claws on their front legs which don’t cause any issues, no one should be is not be removed they must not be removed if your dog is to be shown.

It is thought they were developed on the island of a Ibiza, Spain as a hunting dog. Curiously their markings and build more closely resemble the dogs in Egyptian carvings in the Pharaoh hound – the breed attributed to these carvings. In fact the colouring of these carvings is not even found in the modern day Pharaoh hound. It remains open to speculation whether this dog of ancient times was in fact the Ibizan hound and thus making it perhaps a much more ancient dog than were to have been developed first in Spain.

Temperament and Uses
As expected of a dog of this build they are extremely agile and fast hunters. They have an incredible stamina and a great desire to hunt and will take great joy in doing so all day. Whilst they are perhaps not as fast or agile as the larger Afghan hound will greyhound than known that tenacious flushing ability and day you to their ability to scare game from dense undergrowth .

They are excellent jumpers and will make a mockery of the typical backyard fence able to jump a six-foot fence from an almost standing start. The Ibizan hound loves a game especially one that involves chasing and this regard be puppy like well into adulthood. They are excellent performers in agility and a good tracking dogs. Considering they are a site hound they are trainable however sight hounds they remain. A fleeing cat or rabbit cannot be ignored and regardless of your urgent pleas or commands a pursuit must be seen through to the end. A very young Ibizan hound may be socialised to get along with other family pets however in most cases small mammals and cats will be viewed as prey.  They should never be allowed off lead in a public area regardless of whether it is an off lead exercise area for dogs or not.

Their coat requires little grooming and this can be done easily with a grooming glove. As with all dogs and their nails as required. They can only when their skin is clearly dirty. Dirt and mud on the coat can usually be brushed off without the need for a bath. As with most of the site hound breeds they do not have a strong dog smell.

Typical of the breed bred to hunt, it was the healthiest and most sound of physical specimens that are included in the development thus the breed is an exceptionally healthy breed with no known breed problems. Be aware barrel low body fat dog and thus they will feel the cold if left out overnight in cold areas without adequate bedding. Some owners prefer to keep their Ibizan inside or otherwise provide a coat fit to wear when it is cold. Having low body fat also makes them extremely sensitive to chemicals these a anaesthetic, or flea and tick add-ons. Your vet all breeder should be aware of this and be able to advise you on suitable products and requisite usage instructions.

Suitability as a Pet
Sight hounds require an owner who is very aware of the breed type hunting instincts can be someone who is specifically interested in a dog of this nature. Do not think that you will be of a train out their instincts and the elder walked off lead on a dog exercise Beach or in a park near a highway had this work out. They are a highly exercise requirement dog that is you that must be exercising victim as they cannot be allowed off lead in public areas. When you have a site houndas a pet having a second pet is often out of the question unless the other pet is also a site hound

That said, they are extremely fun loving and playful and affectionate so if you feel up to the task there are several quality Ibizan hound breeders in Australia who will help you choose a puppy and the other provide a wealth of information and advice about keeping them.

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