Detailed Information

Righteous Pups Australia Inc is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming and enriching lives through canine interventions. Established in 2003, Righteous Pups raises and trains assistance dogs to support children and adults with mobility issues, act as companions for the elderly, and provide therapy for those in need. Each dog undergoes a two-year training period at an approximate cost of $29,000 before being placed with their recipient at no charge.

In addition to their assistance dog program, Righteous Pups runs initiatives such as S.W.A.T (Specifically Working with At-risk Teens) and BTGS (Bridging the Gaps) to engage secondary college students in dog training activities. These programs have proven to positively impact teenagers dealing with anger, anxiety, and depression, leading to renewed vigor and belief in a positive future. The organization also partners with Dogs4Diabetics in the USA to provide world-class Type 1 Diabetes medical alert dogs for Australians and their families.

Located on a ten-acre property in Lockwood, Righteous Pups Australia relies on community support and volunteer efforts to maintain its operations. The organization’s mission is to empower individuals to live with greater independence, social inclusion, and quality of life through the active participation of the local community. By training Champions (assistance, Type 1 Diabetes medical alert, and therapy dogs) and launching Heroes (children with disabilities, at-risk teens, and young people with disabilities), Righteous Pups aims to bring promise to life and make a meaningful difference in the world and local communities.