Detailed Information

PAWS A WHILE COUNTRY CLUB is an eco-friendly pet boarding facility located in Riana, Tasmania, just a short drive off the Bass Highway from Penguin. Operated with a focus on providing a comfortable and secure environment for your beloved pets, the country club offers a range of amenities to ensure your furry friends have a holiday of their own while you are away. With fully licensed and insured facilities, including temperature-controlled kennels and a cattery, the well-being and happiness of your pets are the top priority at PAWS A WHILE COUNTRY CLUB.

  • Set in a tranquil setting, the country club features large run areas suitable for both small and large dogs, allowing them to socialize or relax as they please.
  • The eco-friendly practices at PAWS A WHILE COUNTRY CLUB extend to their temperature-controlled kennels, family suites, and penthouse cottage, ensuring a sustainable and comfortable stay for your pets.
  • Managed by Sue and her dedicated team, including Mitch, Amy, and Sandra, the country club offers personalized care and attention to meet the individual needs of each pet, from companionship and playtime to relaxation and socialization with other furry guests.

At PAWS A WHILE COUNTRY CLUB, your pets can enjoy a range of activities, from playing in the expansive turf exercise areas to lounging in outdoor play areas specially designed for cats. With a focus on creating a home-away-from-home experience, the country club aims to alleviate the stress of pet owners by ensuring their furry companions have a safe and enjoyable stay. For one-on-one care and attention in a secure and eco-friendly environment, book your pet’s stay at PAWS A WHILE COUNTRY CLUB for a holiday they’ll never forget.