Country of Origin: USA (Not Java)
Other Names: Oriental with Points (This name may eventually become their true name due to the lackl of relevance to their breed development of the name Javanese.
Size: Medium Sized Cat of Slender build.
Care Requirements: Low – Medium

The Javanese Breed was developed by crossbreeding a Siamese with a ColorPoint shorthair and Balinese cats. They were not given distinct breed status until 1979 prior to that the considered a Balinese crossbred.  They are not a native of Java, in fact they were developed in New York, the name Javanese Cat represents their Asian appearance, not their origin.

Native cats to Java are all shorthaired as you would imagine in such a hot and humid environment yet the “Javanese” cat is fur is silky and long.

the Javanese Is clearly Siamese cat in facial structure and body type. There are small wedge shaped faces, elegant and slender bodies covered in a medium length coat with an extended and plume tail. The eyes are a deep blue and they had pointed large and expressive years of the Siamese. Coat colour depends on the coat colour of the ColorPoint or Balinese cats that they trace their heritage back to that had the most dominant coat colour genetics-thus there may be tortoiseshell ,lynx or read cream where the ColorPoint genetics dominant…. Or they may be coloured in the more traditional Balinese colours of lilac, chocolate ,blue and seal.

The Javanese Cat has a temperament closest in nature to the Siamese. They are vocal, inquisitive and desire a great deal of attention, however they don’t pine as much as Siamese cats during the day and will relax in their own company until you return.
They are very playful, especial as younger cats, as older cats they may be less playful but more affectionate seeking to simply sit on their owner and purr as affection is lavished on them.

They are a fairly low maintenance cat, they lack an undercoat  so they need little brushing.  They are clean cats and will take care of their coat thoroughly themselves.

Health Issues
They tend to experience the same health issues of the Siamese cat to which they are closely related.  These issues include adult deafness, early onset arthritis and skeletal disorders.  Before buying a Javanese cat make the effort to meet the parents, and if possible the grandparents of your desired kitten.

Best Suited to
A great all rounder cat, will be happy in a family who can lavish them with attention, and with a single older owner seeking a lap cat.