Detailed Information

Best Paw Forward is a premier dog obedience training business located in Bathurst, NSW, offering a range of programs to help puppies and older dogs develop good manners and behavior. Ingrid, the founder and lead trainer, has over a decade of experience working with dogs and is dedicated to helping clients build strong relationships with their canine companions. The business provides 8-week group classes and 6-week at-home programs, ensuring individualized attention and support for each client and their dog.

At Best Paw Forward, the focus is on proactive training methods that empower dog owners to guide their pets towards making positive choices and becoming well-rounded members of the family and the community. Ingrid’s approach emphasizes clear and respectful communication with dogs, fostering trust and understanding between humans and their furry friends. All classes adhere to COVID-19 safety regulations, and individual training programs are available upon request to address specific behavior issues or training goals.

Whether you’ve just completed Puppy Pre-School or are looking to enhance your dog’s obedience skills, Best Paw Forward offers a supportive and engaging environment for learning. In addition to group classes held in Bathurst, one-on-one sessions can be arranged at the client’s home, providing a personalized approach to training. With a focus on essential commands like Sit, Stay, and Come when Called, Best Paw Forward aims to help every dog put their best paw forward and thrive in their relationship with their human companions.