Detailed Information

Mountain Hollow Ragdolls is a small hobby boutique Cattery located in Yetholme, New South Wales, specializing in breeding pedigree Ragdoll Cats. Registered with the Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS), we adhere to their breeding code of conduct and ethics. Our Ragdolls are pampered, loved, and adored, ensuring they are well adjusted to life, socialized, and ready to take on the world with confidence and ease.

Our kittens are born and bred in our family home, receiving snuggles and cuddles from us and our children, ensuring they are well-socialized and affectionate. We offer two types of kittens: Standard and Mink Ragdolls. Minks have a richer and darker point color compared to traditional Ragdolls, with blue/green eyes. Both types exhibit the characteristic traits of Ragdolls – large, docile, and affectionate. If you are interested in our upcoming litters, subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

At Mountain Hollow Ragdolls, we provide a range of products for your new furry companion, including kitty litter, litter boxes, cat toys, scratching poles, grooming accessories, and other essentials. If you have any inquiries about our Ragdoll kittens or need assistance with products, feel free to contact us via phone or our online form. We are dedicated to ensuring our kittens find loving homes and enrich the lives of their new families.