Detailed Information

Camarna Dog Training Solutions is a renowned business founded by Luci and John, both esteemed Judges with a wealth of experience in dog training spanning over 110 years. Their expertise has led to the breeding of 27 champions and 2 Grand Champions, solidifying their reputation in the industry. Luci’s specialization lies in Canine Freestyle and Obedience training, while John’s focus is on Terriers and gundogs, with multiple judging licenses under his belt.

With a strong presence in both Australia and international markets like India, Malaysia, and Singapore, Camarna Dog Training Solutions offers top-notch training services for dogs of all breeds. Luci’s background in Dog Dancing and Canine Freestyle, coupled with John’s extensive experience in Terriers and gundogs, ensures a comprehensive approach to dog training. Their dedication to excellence is evident in the numerous accolades and titles their trained dogs have achieved over the years.

As breeders of the Parson Russell Terrier under the prefix Madalar Parsons, Camarna Dog Training Solutions is committed to upholding breed standards and producing high-quality dogs. Luci’s involvement in breeding and showing Parson Russell Terriers, along with her role as the president of Dingo Sanctuary Bargo, showcases the business’s passion for canine welfare and education. Whether you’re looking to train your dog or acquire a well-bred companion, Camarna Dog Training Solutions is the go-to destination for expert guidance and support.