Detailed Information

Redrobiena Border Collies is a reputable and ethical breeder located in Rochester, VIC. Specializing in breeding Border Collies, they are dedicated to producing outstanding quality puppies with exceptional temperaments. Their commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical standards sets them apart in the industry.

At Redrobiena Border Collies, the well-being and socialization of their puppies are top priorities. From birth, the puppies are exposed to various stimuli to ensure they develop healthy social attachments. By the time they are ready for their new homes, the puppies are well-prepared, having received necessary health checks, vaccinations, and training.

Not only does Redrobiena Border Collies provide comprehensive support to new puppy owners, but they also offer lifetime breeder support. Their dedication extends to the care of their adult dogs, ensuring they lead fulfilling lives with proper nutrition, exercise, and socialization. With glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, Redrobiena Border Collies is a trusted choice for families seeking loving and intelligent canine companions.