Detailed Information

Eastern Hills Veterinary Centre is a dedicated small animal clinic located in Mundaring, WA. Our passionate team of veterinary professionals is committed to providing high-quality medical care and attention to pets of all shapes and sizes. From dogs to cats and other unique creatures, we treat each animal with the individualized care and respect they deserve.

At Eastern Hills Vet Centre, we welcome canine companions with open arms, celebrating the diverse personalities and quirks that make each dog special. Our team takes pride in delivering personalized medicine to ensure the well-being of our furry friends. Feline lovers will also find a home here, as we cater to kittens, senior cats, and everything in between, recognizing and honoring the unique nature of each cat.

Whether you have a feathered, furred, or scaly friend in need of veterinary care, Eastern Hills Veterinary Centre is here to help. Our knowledgeable and caring staff is dedicated to serving the pets of the hills community with diligence and compassion. Visit us at 7495 Great Eastern Highway to experience our commitment to excellence in animal care.