Welcome to our bird breeds section. Most domestic birds fall into the categories of Parrot, Dove and Pigeons, Softbills and Finches. Parrots are the most popular “pet” birds, they are often affecionate and vocal. There are many popular species of parrots kept as pets, the Grey Parrot, Sengalese Parrot and White Cockatoo just to name a few. The range greatly in size, appearance, ability to speak and VOLUME. Buy a parrot as a pet is usually a long term commitment, as they can often outlive their owners. Don’t on impulse buy the cute cocky that said “Hello Cocky!” to you and cocked his head sidewise, if you went into the shop thinking to buy a hampster. Many parrots require constant physical attention and will fret without it.

Dove, pigeons and Finches are more often kept as hobby, sport or show birds rather than as pets. Almost all doves and pigeons can be taught to “home” and can be released to fly around knowing they will return at night for food and to roost.

Think of finches as the goldfish of domestic birds. They are a hobby bird, the enjoyment they provide is watching their behaviour, not so much in teaching them to talk(they generally can’t” or from their affection(they generally aren’t). They are not nearly as long living as parrots.

Softbills are named not because of their “soft bills”, but from the soft food that makes up the majority of their diet. Fruit, berries, and insects. They don’t tend to have the crushing bite of the parrots, as they don’t need to be able to crush nuts and seeds as part of their diet(So if youa re after a brightly coloured, large beaked bird that will leave your fingers intact – perhaps consider a softbill) The toucan is probably the best known of the softbills. Hand reared softbills can be affectionate, though unlike Sam the Toucan from the serial commercial, they can not learn to talk.

So if your are considering a bird, the type of bird for you will depend greatly on the commitment you are willing to make to them, and whether you are after a friend, or an occasional amusement. Have a browse through our breed directory, and then we recommend you contact a breeder for more detailed information.


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