Detailed Information

Complete K9 Brisbane is a premier dog training business based in Brisbane, owned and operated by the highly experienced dog trainer, Cam McKinnon. With a passion for achieving the best out of dogs, Cam has been handling and training dogs since 1999. His expertise and dedication have earned him State, National, and International recognition in the working dog industry, which he now brings to the family dog industry through Complete K9 Brisbane.

At Complete K9 Brisbane, Cam focuses on two key concepts of dog training: Engagement and Environmental Focus. Through a customized training approach, Cam ensures that each dog, regardless of breed or size, receives the necessary attention and guidance to address behavioral issues such as anxiety, reactivity, aggression, and more. From in-house training to board and train services, Complete K9 Brisbane is committed to providing the highest quality dog training services in Brisbane.

Cam’s training methods emphasize creating a fully engaged and environmentally strong dog, capable of responding to commands in any situation. With a range of services including advanced and household obedience training, behavioral assessments, and puppy development packages, Complete K9 Brisbane offers comprehensive solutions to common dog behavior problems. Trust Cam to educate you on understanding your dog’s behavior, resolving issues, and transforming your furry companion into a well-behaved and obedient pet.