Detailed Information

Casey’s Top Catz is a distinguished 5-star luxury accommodation for cats, where the health and well-being of your feline companions are the top priority. As a family-run business, we provide a serene and upscale environment for your cats to enjoy, situated on a picturesque three-and-a-half-acre property. Our luxurious suites offer outdoor access with views of the garden or countryside, complete with cozy spots for sunbathing and individual climate control to ensure comfort in all seasons.

At Casey’s Top Catz, we welcome visitors to inspect our facilities during business hours and are happy to address any inquiries you may have. Our clientele has praised our exceptional care and attention to detail, with testimonials highlighting our warm and friendly atmosphere, prompt and caring service, and dedication to the well-being of every cat in our care. With a reputation for going above and beyond, our team treats each cat as if it were their own, providing a level of compassion and care that sets us apart as a premier luxury cat accommodation.

Experience the difference at Casey’s Top Catz, where we pride ourselves on showing genuine humanity and love towards all our feline guests. Our commitment to excellence and personalized care has earned us a reputation as the best choice for cat owners seeking a five-star hotel experience for their beloved pets. Trust us to provide a nurturing and safe environment for your cats, where they will receive the highest level of care and attention throughout their stay.